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December 15, 2012
Santa's Helper
Posted at 12:08 PM


WENT TO MY OLD HOMETOWN THIS MORNING: To Central Lake. Dad had a gig at the grocery store there. I had to go. Any chance to see my old stomping grounds is a good thing. Dad said I snored the whole way up to Center Lake. (Busy year, fuckers.)

Dad punched in for the gig and I set off on foot. Checked out Bachmann’s general store, walked up Brooks street to the house I grew up in, walked down the sidewalk I learned to ride a bike on. I love going to Central Lake.

I met Jesse Denherder in the grocery market. He recognized me walking up Brooks street, knowing my face and girth from the design world. We know a bunch of heads from the Lansing world. Mark Phillips and that fucker, Dale Alan Dixon. And Campbell from TC. Turns out he lives across the street from where I grew up! Wow. Brooks street. Good to meet you, man!

Dad wrapped up the gig a couple hours later. All proceeds from his santa gigs go to his favorite charity in Traverse City, the Father Fred Foundation. That’s how my dad rolls during thw holi-daze. Headed for sainthood!

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