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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 12, 2012
Up To Belfast Today
Posted at 02:09 AM


TOOK THE TRAIN UP TO NORTHERN IRELAND: Up to Belfast. Nice train ride. Through the country. Got into Belfast, dropped our gear off at the Malmaison Hotel and headed over to an amazing Titanic exhibit. They made the boat here back in 1911. Very recommended. You can stand where they launched it. Incredible.

We’re up here for the Build Conference. Gonna speak there tomorrow night. Special Irish edition of our spirited “Tales From A Large Man” speaking fiasco. Dipped in green. Leigh running the DDC merch table with ferocity! One night only, Belfast!

Tomorrow, we’re doing a “Troubles” tour, which should be rather interesting. Belfast has so much tough history. Generations of it. The Good Friday peace accord that took place in 1995

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