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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 13, 2012
Tonight, Belfast!
Posted at 02:27 AM


TONIGHT, BELFAST: We’re telling our story at University of Ulster at 7 in the PM! Be there! As part of the Build Conference. “An Evening With: Aaron Draplin.” Sounds pretty good, right? Full DDC merch table. Field Notes. Orange stuff. Things you need. All at Northern Ireland-only, must-have prices. You need this stuff. Us, telling our story. Special Irish edition. Same old shit, same ferocity, same absurdness. One night only, Belfast!

We even made a shirt for the conference. See it below these words.


And then zoom in a bit.


You can get one here, if you are feeling wild: Draft Supply Co. has them for sale! Act now!

- - - -

SAW THIS LAST NIGHT: Linotype: The Film. Absolutely incredible. Bravo, Doug Wilson!

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