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October 09, 2012
Heading To Brooklyn This Morning
Posted at 07:02 AM


HOPING TO GOD, OR THE COSMIC WHIRLING DUST, THAT I GET A SEAT OPEN NEXT TO ME: Please, let the middle seat be open next to me over to Brooklyn this morning. Flying to Newark and it’s a long-ass flight. Gonna need to stretch out some. Please.

I’ve got official business in Brooklyn tomorrow at the Brooklyn Beta conference. Months ago one Frank Chimero hit me up saying, “Go to this conference, or I’ll never speak to you again.” And I take Frank words VERY SERIOUSLY. And here I am, splitting to Brooklyn in a bit. When Frank talks, you listen.

Anyhoo, I’m excited to be in New York City, and to tell my story to such an interesting cross section of people at the conference. Done!

See you in a bit, Brooklyn!

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