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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 26, 2012
Headed To The Headquarters
Posted at 10:43 AM


SO FIRED UP FOR WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TYPE: Leigh made it in from Portland early this morning. We caught up on shut-eye and are heading into downtown Chicago in a bit here, to the campaign headquarters of the Obama Presidential Campaign! WOW. We’re gonna tour the joint, and check out their design department.

I’ve been in contact with Design Director Josh Higgins for some months now, almost embarrassed to slather him with long-winded emails, taking him away from the important work he’s dug into. So I’ve been keeping our emails brief. Strategy!

Until today. Today, I get to get to the bottom of some shit. I’m a fan, and a believer, and I’m got some some questions for these people. Hell yeah!

For the record, the DDC has GREAT RESPECT for the patriots behind the scenes propelling Mr. Obama to another four years. Serious responsibility! And each email I get from the campaign—and holy shit, it’s a fair amount—is savored, and I’m forever in awe of what this group people pulled off in 2008, and let’s hope, again in a couple weeks. I believe in you, Obama designers, and hell, Mr. President!

You’ve got my vote!

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Thanks for the kind words, Aaron! We’re honored to be doing this work and so happy to be a part of this campaign. It was great to meet you. Your work and more importantly, your attitude about your work, is a great inspiration to me. Thank you!

Posted by: Amanda on 10/26/12 at 12:58 PM

Right on!!!! It’s incredible that Obama has been the first president to use design so powerfully… and well!

1. They use Gotham, and Belizio?
2. Their logos and typography are great!
3. Their tshirts are cool!
4. They inspire me to design for them, too!


Posted by: Carla Rozman on 11/02/12 at 4:55 PM
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