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GOING TO THE EAST COAST: We’ve got official business this week in Brooklyn, and then in Buffalo. And we are taking both transactions VERY SERIOUSLY.

Wednesday, we’re speaking at the Brooklyn Beta Conference in ol’ Brooklyn. This excites us. It’s supposed to be one hell of a conference, so, we’ll be loading up on freebies, friends and fuckery. We fly to New York tomorrow night, then grab a series of cabs, trains and whatever over to Brooklyn. Here’s the link to the conference, and I’ve tried to find my name on there, but am assured by SMART CONFERENCE PEOPLE that I am invited, and, speaking at some point Wednesday. This is cool. Phew. Look for me, Brooklyn. Let’s talk about shit, and celebrate the following things:

01. October, and all its glory.
02. Being free.
03. Whatever the hell we can think of.

- - - -

BUFFALO-BOUND: And then Thursday morning, we hop a cargo plane over to Buffalo! Buffalo? FUCK YES. We love Buffalo and have guitar-shopped its entire city limits, gazed out over those Niagara Falls and hung heavy in the home of the Goo Goo Dolls. Here’s the link to our Buffalo “Tall Tales From A Large Man” speaking fiasco there. Unfuckwithable proof. You should come to the show if you live there. If you don’t, you should hop a Greyhound bus there. That means, if you are reading these words, you need to be on that bus within an hour to be there by Thursday evening. Have fun with that one. See you there, Buffalo! And, we made a little something for Buffalo, and we’re not saying shit until Thursday.

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I was in Brooklyn Thursday for a rock and roll hellride. SJ -> Brooklyn and back in 3 days. Careful. It’s hot and humid as all hell out there. Have fun!

Posted by: Powers on 10/08/12 at 5:01 PM
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