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September 13, 2012
Tonight, Salt Lake City!
Posted at 10:00 AM



TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT, SALT LAKE CITY: We’re hopping a flight over to you in a little bit here. We’ve got official business in yer fine city later tonight. We’re telling our story to Salt Lake City’s finest creative citizens, and we’re calling it, “Tall Tales From A Large Man.” As part of our DDC 2012 Fall Tour! Thrid stop in sixteen stops! We did Portland and New York City last week, warming up for tonight’s speaking fiasco. Here’s the link.

- - - -

WE MADE A POSTER: We’re calling it “Your Utah” and it’s got everything we’ve ever loved about the Beehive state. A land of mystery and mysticism, we did our very best to wrangle and insert what’s always made Utah a special place for us. We’ll be selling it at the show tonight, viciously. You need one. Grab one before they go. Very limited edition. Spirited colors.

Good for that Wasatch alpine hut, Bonneville Flats tail gate camp, Hilldale compound, Provo dorm room, Mormom Temple administrative office, Deseret thrift store breakroom, Moab outhouse and I-15 rest stop. Add a little spirit and color to yer domicile. We made this for you, Utah!

- - - -

WE MADE A “TOUR-ONLY” TORSO COVER, TOO: We’ll never be in a band. I mean, maybe? But for now, we don’t have the time, and certainly don’t have the chops, so we’re doing what we can to live this dream. We’ve got sixteen gigs for this tour, so we made a “tour-only” torso cover, complete with little ol’ me ripping the ghost of Gary in half, cheeseburgers and Field Notes and boxer shorts whipping around us, with the most-evil type possible. Tour dates on the back! Art by AyeJay! See below! As evil as we could make the goddamned things.

Front of the shirt.

Back of the shirt.

- - - -

THINGS YOU NEED: We’re trucking in a shipping container of DDC merch! Torso covers, spirited posters, orange things, Field Notes, weird plastic stuff, pencils, pens, Envelope Eviscerators and other must-have items.

- - - -

SPECIAL THANKS: To Salt Lake City AIGA, Tim Lee, Ashley Kittrell, Dan Christofferson, Beeteeth enterprises, Frank Dankwa, Kirk Campbell, Jared Eberhardt, Andy Wright, Tonino, Mathis, Dave Doman, Stan, Josh Wangrud and J2. Come to the gig, Tooz, we got a seat for you!

- - - -

OUR FINAL PITCH: Be there, Utah! One night only! Click here and make it happen!

There Are 7 Comments

Good ol’ Eeeeew-tah! Great poster, w/some great iconography. I especially love the Arctic Circle and Sinclair logos. Reminds me of summers during my grade school years, when my family lived in SE Idaho (a mere 120 miles from SLC). I’ve been all over that state more times than I can count. Soon enough Aaron you’ll have a poster for all 50 states:)

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 09/13/12 at 10:32 AM

Did you guy do the Utah Graphic? Very cool.

Posted by: Timothy Kim on 09/13/12 at 10:24 PM

Holy Shirt! What’s happening to Ghost of Gary?! Medium. Save me one. Crazy awesome. Wish IN was on that list. man. Killer.

Posted by: KO on 09/14/12 at 7:16 AM

Awesome show last night. Any cities that aren’t feeling it are dead inside.

Posted by: Cole on 09/14/12 at 8:50 AM

Thanks for the great talk last night. Keep on fighting the good fight!

Posted by: alex on 09/14/12 at 10:55 AM

That poster could be a Garbage Pail Kid card, so good.

Posted by: Medium Control on 09/17/12 at 9:09 AM

Holee Shit! I was out of the country and completely missed you comin’ to my hometown. Are you thinking about selling that fine lookin’ Utah poster on your merch site? Because I would buy that in a Salt Lake Minute. x2

Posted by: James Russell on 09/19/12 at 3:00 PM
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