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September 23, 2012
Nashville Lurker
Posted at 03:52 PM

Making buddies with Patrick from the Greenhornes and Raconteurs!

Coolest souvenir of the trip! Battle-tested sticks from Patrick. Hell yes!

LURKING AROUND NASHVILLE, SO HARD: Drove around Nashville today, hitting all sorts of stuff. Imogene + Willie, Third Man Records, antique malls, some coffee shop with “Portland” in its name, Grimey’s records, neighborhoods with big homes, neighborhoods with little homes and then hanging out with Patrick a bit at an undisclosed rock-n-roll studio/clubhouse. A cool, mellow day in a cool southern town.

Thank you Patrick…for all the cool shit, shooting the shit and for being such a boss drummer. I look forward to seeing what you got coming up on those skins, and with yer design! Hell yeah, man!

Once the day was done, I whipped back to Memphis, and didn’t quite make it. I pulled off in Jackson, had a burger at a Waffle House (you just sorta have hit it once when down here) and hit the sack for the night in a flophouse just off the interstate.

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