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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 19, 2012
Tonight, Calgary!
Posted at 08:39 AM


TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT, CALGARY: You know why I love being here? It’s all the “Gary” I keep reading in “Calgary.” I sure do miss the little man, so hell, any town with a Gary in it is cool with me!

Tonight, we deliver our spirited “Tall Tales From A Large Man” go-for-broke speaking fiasco to a room FULL of wild Calgary creatives! Here’s proof!

High level negotiations began months ago, and these guys put together a gig that will go down as one of our best! Complete with perks and visits and fun shit. From the IndieGoGo site they put together:

We’ve worked with Aaron to come up with some fantastic limited rewards including some personal face time with the man himself, and unprecedented opportunities to put him to work for you. Your support will cover Aaron’s travel expenses, hotel, venue rental, marketing materials and other minor admin costs.

So first off, I’d like to thank all the brave folks who supported the IndieGoGo fundraiser to make this event happen. Thank you, guys. So much. I’m gonna give you me goddamn all! Been preparing for this one all summer, and hell, maybe, all my stinkin’ life? Yeah, that.

The Inter-Agency Coalition presents:
Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Co.
July 19 2012
5:30cpt sharp! Doors at 5:00cpt. Calgary Prairie Time!
The Plaza Theatre In Kensington

- - - -

DON’T FUCK WITH THE ITINERARY, BUD: Cam and Adam have got me on one hell of a schedule! These Calgarians run a tight ship! I added a couple goodies to the list…

8:58AM - Draplin wakes up, beard is wet with drool
9:00am €“ 10:00am €“ AV Test at Venue
12:00pm €“ 1:30pm €“ Lunch At Peters + Milkshake Perk
2:30pm €“ 3:30pm €“ Studio Visit at Bow Valley College
4:30pm €“ 5:00pm €“ Final sound check and venue set up
5:00pm €“ Doors open
5:27pm - Draplin cries on Cam’s shoulder, green room
5:30pm €“ 6:30pm €“ Draplin Goes Apeshit
6:32pm - DDC merch sales spike, DDC stock goes up
7:00pm €“ onward €“ Drinks at Molly Malone’s (pub next to theatre)
8:47pm - Draplin wrestles some Canuck over currency comment
9:23pm - Draplin tells story about “That time in Gary, Indiana…”
9:45pm - DDC late shift starts in undisclosed Best Western room

- - - -

WE COME BEARING MERCH: You should’ve seen me at that customs window yesterday. A couple choice moments from the officer along the lines of, “So what’s in the big box…” and “So yer form says something about commerical goods…” And there I am, sweating bullets, with a smile ear to ear and a wink, “Sir, we’re here to kick the shit out of Calgary, and these are the tools we use.” Due to security reasons, I can’t disclose what was said at that white-hot moment, but know this, Calgary: WE WILL HAVE A VICIOUSLY-STOCKED MERCH TABLE SET UP offering a wide array of DDC MUST-HAVE SURVIVAL ITEMS priced at “CALGARY-ONLY” prices!

- - - -

WE MADE A POSTER FOR THE EVENT: That’s what you are seeing above! Me, hogtied by Calgary. Something like that. Two colors on French Pop Tone “Lemon Drop” 65 C!!! Get one of these! Way limited edition! Going fast. The colors that matter.

- - - -

A LAKE LOUISE-SIZED THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING FOLKS: Cam and Adam from the Inter-Agency Coalition, Suitcase Interactive, mediumrare, Flipp Advertising, Bow Valley College, Alberta Printmakers Society, French Paper Co., Molly Malone’s, and Lanny McDonald’s mustache.

Thank you for rolling the dice on the DDC! See you at the show!

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A truly fabulous night Aaron. Boy you must have some serious sweet talking skills to get that fabulous merchandise through airport security.

Posted by: Crystal Reynolds on 07/20/12 at 10:57 AM
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