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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 05, 2012
Flag Fervor
Posted at 12:11 PM


GOOD MORNING, SUPER SURPRISE: I got my ass down to the shop as quick as I could today. I lost some time yesterday, celebrating freedom. Sorry, clients. Sorry, Henry. Family and hot dogs were calling.

Anyhoo, this little link right here was waiting for me this morning, and fuck if it isn’t the coolest thing I’ve seen all summer long. Ladies and germs, we present you the handiwork of Pittsburgh’s very own Ryan Connelly: “Flag DIY, DDC style…”

So I am saw it, freaked out, wrote him offering to order one up, and he wrote back saying something along the lines of, “Order? It was shipped out to you this morning!”


I’ll tell you this much, RyCo, this little flag will be flown at full mast from here on out on the DDC factory floor. Proudly. So good. You make my day, week, month and summer. Incredible.

And hell, as these words went to print, all I could think was this: You guys should contact him and have him make yer very own flag. Put the kid to work and whatever his hourly rate is, double that shit!

- - - -

HERE’S WHAT HE WAS RIFFIN’ ON: DDC-042 “Freight Train Torso Cover” Trains go by our shop every couple hours, rattlin’ our fillings, fuckin’ up phonecalls and offering up some of the greatest typography in the land. Unfuckwithable. Get a shirt and celebrate the rail with us!

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