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GOT THE EYE: Cool, patriotic button sent in by the elusive Bob Dale from Middle America. If any’s got the eye, it’s this guy. Serious chops. Thank you, Bob Dale. Always!

Oh yeah, worked all day, took naps, ate with mom and dad, hung heavy, watched Olympics, worked on vectors. Another “living room table” work session at the parental compound. Home! I work late, and then do the “insomnia shuffle” down in the basement, jettlagging my girth into some fuckin’ time zone, way out over the Pacific Ocean. That’s dumb. Do it every time I come home.

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Found this beaute on tumblr, via an awesome blog : http://formfollowsfunctionjournal.tumblr.com/

Posted by: bobdale on 08/01/12 at 4:04 PM
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