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June 29, 2012
Thank You, Boston!
Posted at 11:40 AM


FLEW BACK TO PORTLAND TODAY, FEELING VERY THANKFUL: Our Boston mission was amazing. Thank you, to so many folks, and things, and historical stuff, and heavy vibes, for one hell of a week out there. Appreciated.

Thank you to HOW for letting into their conference in the first place, and allowing me to speak. Thank you to everyone who came to my show! Very, very appreciated. Had a hell of a time. Thank you to Heather, Grace, Bryn from HOW. Had a hell of a time.

Thank you to Neenah Paper’s Jamie and Tom for allowing me to sign posters in their booth. That was a surreal, wild hour! So fun. Those Boston posters turned out pretty boss. Love ‘em. Thank you, Jamie! Awesome to be bumping elbows with Mikey Burton, Justin Ahrens, Von Glitschka and Kody Chamberlain. Wildly talented group of fellas. Proud to have been in it with you guys. Thank you.

And holy shit, thank you to South Carolina’s The Half and Half for printing our “Wicked Boston” posters! Here’s an idea you guys: Hire them to print something for you. You’ll be very, very happy. We sure are.

Awesome meeting you, Chip Kidd! I’ll be in touch soon! Just ordered Leigh and I a couple copies of this little bad boy! So good.

Special goddamn thanks to our buddy James Fox from 10Engines. Thank you for making Somerville happen, for believing in the DDC all these years and holy shit, for the Carhartt bandanas you sent. Will be hocking up stuff in them for years! Appreciated!

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Dont need to print this, but hell… thank YOU Aaron. you touched a lot of minds, so glad it all came together. Know the crowd loved it. thx for the shout out - but again, you are so giving w/ yer time. v much appreciated over here. JF

Posted by: jf on 07/05/12 at 9:16 PM
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