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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 09, 2012
Tonight, Burlington!
Posted at 10:18 AM


TONIGHT, VERMONT: Get yer asses over to Burlington’s Signal Kitchen for a one-night-only speaking fiasco with, well, the Draplin Design Co. We brought the entire gang out here with us. Mere hours from now, at 7 in the P.M., our traveling roadshow we’re calling “Tall Tales From A Large Man” will commence. Us, up on a stage, telling our whole story to Vermont finest creative denizens. And, a couple of downright scrubs. We won’t name any names. Dabica. Violette. Paddock.

“Tall Tales From A Large Man: Vermont Edition”

Anyhoo, the poster up above’s got all the details, and here’s the link if you still want to lock down a ticket: A night with the manure-mouthed Draplin Design Co.!

Plus, Burlington’s own Rough Francis will be playing after our hot air explosion! The sons of Detroit’s Death! So fired up for this. Hell, screw the DDC, we’re going for Rough Francis alone!

Be there, you Green Mountain State warriors! Bring a friend. Come one, come all. All are invited! Break the ice with that neighbor you hate and invite them. Call a friend down in Stowe and have them drive up? Sure. Door at six, and the action starts at seven. Do not miss this! One fuckin’ night only. See you there!

- - - -


IMAGINE THAT, VERMONT: We made a poster for you! We’re calling that goddamn Ver-monster the “Very Vermont” poster and it weighs in at a whopping 18 by 30 inches. That’s pretty big. Like, take Smuggler’s Notch, right? Real big and dark and weird like that. There you go. You need one of these. We’ll be selling these tonight at “Burlington-Only” prices, and we think you should get one. You should.

Good for that Killington a-frame. Or dorm room. Or Rutland wooded lean-to. Or Montpelier state office. Or cell at the local clink. Or some colonial house in a quiet, green neighborhood near the airport with a beagle escaping out a doggie door every 14 minutes. Spruce up that man cave. These look great in big, lavish homes in Portland populated by Burlington ex-pats. Add some green to that living room? Figure it out, you dicks. Get one of these. Tonight! We’ve got a big stack. Going fast!

- - - -


01. A whopping 18” x 30” in dimension.
02. Filled with everything we love about Vermont. We went deep on this one.
03. Printed by our buddies at Burlesque North America in Minneapolis! Thanks!
04. Printed on French Pop-Tone 100lb “Spearmint” minty green.
05. Four thick colors on this thing!
06. Color 01: “Champ Skin Deep Green”
07. Color 02: “Green Mountain State Green”
08. Color 03: “Dorm Room Bong Rip Light Green”
09. Color 04: “Evan Rose Super Yellow.”
10. Still on the fence? Get in good and close, you Vermonsters!

There Are 4 Comments

killer poster dude! am i mistaken, or is it missing a ben & jerry’s mark?

glad you included the phish logo, altho i’d have made it bigger :P

Posted by: noah on 05/09/12 at 12:10 PM

not a single mention of phish, great poster Aaron.

Posted by: bobdale on 05/09/12 at 1:53 PM

Where is the link to buy this boss poster?

Posted by: James on 05/10/12 at 1:14 PM

I keep seeing this hat on ebay for some reason and it reminds me of you every time…wish it was a little less pricey…


Posted by: Jaimie Muehlhausen on 05/11/12 at 1:03 AM
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