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April 20, 2012
Walking Around Ottawa
Posted at 03:57 PM


WE’RE ON FOOT: Steve and I are pounding around the city. We scouted a record store to hit tomorrow morning for Record Store Day festivities, had a burger at a diner, hit a guitar store, hit a couple antique joints, stopped in to Shopify headquarters to meet Harley Finkelstein (helluva name!) and walked amongst thousands of stoned youth celebrating Ottawa’s weird weed laws near the Parliament building. That’s the “White House” of Canada, people. Now you know. All in all, a full day.

I’m in the hotel room right now, pounding on a “Big Ol’ Boston” poster, readying myself for supper in an hour with Steve and Harley. Big night out, you goddamned Canadians! Let’s eat!

- - - -

AND TO ALL WHO ASKED: We will have our monstrous “Canada Collected” posters up on the site as soon as we get a couple spare minutes. Our promise to you, and Canada. You need this. Tell a friend. Stay tuned!

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