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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 12, 2012
Tonight, Columbia, SC!
Posted at 09:56 AM


SCREAMING DOWN THE INTERSTATE: Tonight’s the night, Charleston!
Alright, here’s the particulars for tonight:

Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Columbia
Thursday, April 12, 2012, 7:00
Suite 200, 1301 Gervais St.
Columbia, SC 29201

Be there, South Carolina! One night only! Hell or highwater, hurricane or high country shootout, mark these words: WE WILL BE THERE TONIGHT, giving our GODDAMNED ALL to Columbia’s FINEST CITIZENS!

- - - -

This is what was waiting in our iPhone when we landed late last night!

IMAGINE THAT, WE MADE A POSTER FOR THESE TWO SHOWS: And using science, we’re giving it this name: “Super South Carolina” and we’ve packed EVERYTHING we love about The Palmetto State in there. Believe it! The good people of Columbia’s The Half and Half fiercely took the project on, and man, our hearts are swelling with pride. Thank you, guys. I mean, seriously…the shittiest of timelines and so sweaty and so fast. You guys pulled it off with grace, speed and precision. I look forward to exchanging meaty handshakes this afternoon!

You need this, South Carolina! We printed a shitwhack of the things, and will be offering them at “South Carolina Only” prices tonight at the gig. 18” x 24”, which is easily-framed, and will spruce up everything from the high country shack to that low country beach shanty. Add a little color to yer domicile with one of our spirited “Super South Carolina” posters. Do it. Going fast!

- - - -

WE NAME OUR COLORS WHATEVER WE WANT: Four colors on the thickest paper in the Carolinas!

01. “High Country Midnight Navy”
02. “Atlantic Ocean Vista Blue”
03. “Southern Sunset Coral”
04. “Palmetto Haze Light Blue”

- - - -

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gene Crawford, AIGA South Carolina, Gil Shuler, The Half and Half, palmetto bugs, civil war ghosts, downtown Columbia, the Bi-Lo on the way over from the airport and army of cleaning specialists who are leaving me alone here in the Marriott. Thank you guys, all of you. Let’s do this!

- - - -

AND HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT THIS: Tonight’s the first date on our “DDC 2012 Spring Tour!” Check out this spirited list of upcoming speaking fiascos!

01. Columbia, South Carolina, April 12
02. Charleston, South Carolina, April 13
03. Ottawa, Ontario, April 19
04. Toronto, Ontario, April 23-25
05. Waterloo, Ontario, April 26
06. Vancouver, British Columbia, May 2
07. Burlington, Vermont, May 9
08. Spokane, Washington, May 16
09. Louisville, Kentucky, May 24

There Are 5 Comments

Papa Jazz in Cola!

Posted by: Jen on 04/12/12 at 12:16 PM

Thanks for the visit to SC this week and for the great multi-media and audio-visual presentation. Real-world, down-to-earth, honest stuff you were sharing tonight. Much appreciated.

- Ryon

Posted by: Ryon on 04/12/12 at 8:35 PM

I really enjoyed the lecture. I wish I didn’t have to leave a bit early during the Q&A. The merch table was quite tempting so I am sure I will have to place a order next week. Thanks for your visit.

Posted by: Marius on 04/12/12 at 8:39 PM

I really hope that you get to do a poster like this for every single fuckin’ state in the union. That would be huge.

Posted by: Chris on 04/16/12 at 8:58 AM

forgot to add DentonTX on there, bub.

Posted by: aaron w. on 04/16/12 at 11:29 AM
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