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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 24, 2012
Today, Toronto!!!
Posted at 07:18 PM


I GAVE IT MY ALL: I gave my talk today to the crowd at FITC. It was fun. We loaded the room up pretty good. I let some shit fly. We had some laughs. I fought back tears a couple times. We talked about everything in my stupid, little life, and I hope they dug it. Thank you for coming to the big show.

And thank you for buying our “Canada Collected” poster! We had a merch table outside the room, and business was GOOD! Thank you, Toronto. Gigantically appreciated. So awesome. Sold a ton of the things, and just about sold out of our DDC merch and Field Notes. That’s awesome. Enjoy the gear, Canada!

I got done with my talk and merch table extravaganza and retreated to the room where I took a nice nap, came down from that big ol’ adrenaline buzz, and worked really late on a bunch of awesome stuff. Stuff I can’t really talk about, but will, AS SOON AS I CAN. Hell yeah.

- - - -

COOL MOTION GRAPHIXXX: Saw some Los Angeles guy talk about wild motion graphics stuff. You know, Tron particles and shit. Super interesting, and weird, and beautiful. I tried to shake his hand but he kept looking down andaway, and shit got weird fast, so I backed off. Making friends here in Toronto!

- - - -

BIT OF A BUMMER: Adobe had a monster show in a monster hall, and frankly, it was a monster dud. Sorry, Adobe. I love you, and I love the “big three”‚€”Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign‚€”but come on, if I want a commercial, I’ll go online to yer site. Here’s an idea: How about bringing the programmers or designers or whatever to talk about “what it takes to make the shit.” Now that’s interesting. Corny jokes in between watered-down product pitches ain’t gonna cut it. I fell asleep. Seriously. You guys have the loot, and our attention, so make it count. I was excited to see what it took. Like, get a “backstage pass” to the magic at Adobe. But hell, I know what the new icons for Adobe CS6 looks like, and, well, cool, right? Not really. I expected more for that 90 minute wake. Come on. I’ll stop.

Having a shitwhack of fun here in Canada! See you tomorrow, FITC! We’ll be giving a spirited talk to 10-15 people. Be there. Make it 16. Done!

Thanks for coming to the show! See you guys around the conference!

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I loved listening to your tall tales at FITC! And I totally agree about the keynote‚€”I was also asleep.

Can’t wait to get my ARKANSAS field notes in the mail though!

Posted by: Emily on 04/26/12 at 9:02 PM
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