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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 10, 2012
Readying The DDC For SC
Posted at 04:23 PM


GOING APESHIT: South Carolina, we’re in the final stretch! Running around the shop today like a banshee trying to wrap up all the loose ends before we head down to The Palmetto State. Going deep into that South.

Going there on “official business.” Two gigs. Thursday night will be in Columbia, SC. And then the next night, that’ll be on the ocean in Charleston. “Low Country.”

Here’s the links. Pass ‘em on to a friend. You guys better be coming!

THURSDAY NIGHT, COLUMBIA: “Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Columbia”

FRIDAY NIGHT, CHARLESTON: “Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Charleston”

First thing I’m doing is locking down a colorful array of large-gauge fireworks from some rickety roadside stand, then, a large plate of shrimp and grits for sustenance and health.

- - - -

GIL MADE A POSTER FOR THE CHARLESTON GIG: I told you that yesterday, remember? You should. It looks AWESOME. So big and orange and perfect. Holy shit. Feeling honor. Click here to see it, and then, click here to see the scraps from those boss rounded edges. So good.

Gil’s got ALL the bases covered. And corners. Wow! Thanks, man!

And just for the record: If anyone fucks with Gil Shuler, they fuck with the entire DDC. Stern words.

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