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April 01, 2012
Megafaun Megavisit
Posted at 09:35 PM


A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL: I like making records. Prob’ly my favorite kind of gig, when you boil it all down. And last summer the top brass at Hometapes allowed me to work on their new Megafaun release. And Sara gave me their last couple records, and, the new tunes ahead of time and I FELL for Megafaun. Hard.

So yesterday I worked a Sunday shift with Martino and then stayed late. Megafaun was in town on a day off and came by the shop. The whole band came up! Leigh and Ewok were here too, and we all threw down for a bit, shooting the shit about Wisconsin, records and my honkin’ arsenal of “must have” promo items. Did my best to outfit the horde properly!

The shot above was taken by Leigh, and is ABSOLUTE PROOF of our little meet up. I just had to have the band sign a copy of their record for me. Mandatory. I’m a fan first, and then the guy who works with the label to make the design up second. Can’t lose that buzz.

Check us out…happy as hell! I love this stuff, and man, to be able to meet all the guys behind such a cool band, and hell, project at large, was such a treat. And hell, check out my weird “claw things” holding the record. Gross.

Thank you, Megafaun. Mega-awesome, all of you beardy bros are!

Photo by Leigh!

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Don’t ferget yer hyphen in that Home Tapes URL!

Posted by: Kyle on 04/03/12 at 10:01 AM
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