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Draplin Design Co., North America


COUPLE MORE DAYS TO GO: South Carolina, we are coming for you! This one goes back a couple years. Our buddy Gil Shuler’s “been on our case” for some time now, challenging us to bring it all down to South Carolina to tell our story in Charleston. We accepted back then, and when we shook hands in Savannah last month, we sealed the deal, dragging AIGA South Carolina into the mix. Suddenly, there was a Columbia show added to the mix too! Yes! Two nights! Back to back, Palmetto state! This fucker is official.

So this Wednesday, we’re hopping a flight down to Atlanta, then up to Columbia. Large man in a small seat. Thursday night we take on Columbia. And you know us, we provide proof. Check this little link out: “Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Columbia”

And then the next night, we zip down to Charleston for the second gig. Here’s the link for that one: “Aaron Draplin - Design Talk in Charleston”

We are GIGANTICALLY excited to get down to South Carolina. Not even taking socks with me. Gonna run shorts the whole time, and maybe some kind of bullshit golf visor. Nah. Going sockless as much as I can. Real loose.

I’ll be watching out for “palmetto bugs” too. Is their an ordinance for “humans squishing the absolute shit out of them?” Was wondering about that.

- - - -

GIL’S PEOPLE MADE A POSTER FOR THE CHARLESTON GIG: Check this big, beautiful slab of orange out! Save one for me, you Charleston beasts!

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Powerful! Looking forward to hearing you again on friday night! Thanks for hitting up Charleston!

Posted by: Josh Campbell on 04/10/12 at 7:24 AM

Don’t forget your Goldbond Powder. The swamp-ass is killer this time of year!

Posted by: Dan! Marino on 04/10/12 at 1:37 PM
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