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THANK YOU, OTTAWA: Man, I had a hell of a time. I always do! I feel thankful for that. Steve zipped me all over the city, met so many cool folks, snagged some records from Record Store Day, snored on Steve’s couch while he sat next to me cringing, ate solid meals and felt VERY welcome all over the place. Thank you, Ottawa! I’m coming back you goddamn Ottawans! Bet on that.

And all sad to have to leave town, I get out to the airport and guess who’s checking in, just in front of me? Richard Simmons, of all people. I got to meet THE Richard Simmons in the airport an hour ago. That was wild. I can still smell him on me. Very floral and perfume-ish. Can’t hurt, right? He called me a “bear” and gave me a big ass bear hug. Grab ahold, little buddy. We love Richard Simmons. All jokes aside, Richard Simmons has helped a lot of people. Respect is felt. Those little shorts, well, that’s a little trickier. Long may you run, buddy! Here’s proof: Grab ahold, little buddy! Let’s be buddies!

Okay, we’ve got Rush blasting on the headphones. Gonna go hornswaggle myself through security and get my ass to the gate. I’m going to Toronto. Right now. That makes me happy as hell. I’ve only whipped past it one time…seeing the cityscape in the distance. This time, we’re going right downtown! Let’s do this? Who knows where Geddy lives?

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Neil is sporting the DDC logo - warms my heart. :)

Posted by: ETK on 05/07/12 at 7:01 AM
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