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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 19, 2012
Right On, Russ!
Posted at 02:54 PM


DOWN NEAR THE BEACH, IN THE CITY OF ANGELS: Moons ago, we were on “official business” down in Los Angeles, on the job with Cinco, and I met a couple hardasses. Two buddies…Russ Cundiff and Milo Ventimiglia. They’re in the entertainment biz. We instantly hit it off. At the time, Russ worked for some monster publicity agency and Milo was an actor on the Gilmour Girls. He was the bad boy love interest, or something like that. I’ve watched every movie he’s been in since, even Rocky 4! Still get a kick seeing my buddy on the big screen. So fun.

Anyhoo, we developed a fast friendship that night, and these turkeys introduced us to a wicked dice game, that hell, I don’t can’t even remember the name of. It was some derivation of the popular Cee-Lo. It was all about rolling “4-5-6s” as the best, and 1-2-3s” as the worst. Then triples, then doubles and a die. Anyhoo, I got the pants whipped off me, and even hit up an ATM down the street, and went on to lose my shirt with that too. Those big city bastards bled me dry.

And all these years later, Nakamoto and I still play that goddamn dice game…gambling loot of each other at a high stakes level…or hell, just figuring out who’s buying lunch? The dice will tell all. We even call “3” scores “Kennys.” The story went something like this: Some guy Russ and Milo knew was winning all night somewhere throwing 3s, and his name was Kenny. Simple as that. Kennys. That spirit lives on, all the way up in Portland.

So Russ put a DDC merch order in some time back and I shipped him a mountain of gear. A Minnesotan by blood, so I had to throw in the Minnesota MiniPrints I made. I know he dug ‘em, and knew what the hell “Hot Dish” is. Check him out up above…looking good, brother!

Come to Portland, you guys! And bring cash. Nakamoto and I are going to whip the pants off you in dice. Or at least, I will. There you go. A challenge for you beasts!

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oh man, milo was on ROBOT CHICKEN and he’s the cartoon voice of WOLVERINE. This dudes legit.

Posted by: ptermclean on 03/21/12 at 8:26 AM
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