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SETTLING INTO A NICE SCHEDULE OF THE FOLLOWING: Doing as little as possible, doing as little as possible and keeping shit elevated.

I’ve got a couple spirited projects in the works. And this bum foot pf mine is cutting into ‘em in a weird way. Heading back to the couch to elevate this meat foot. Ouch.

Last week in Denver, or maybe it was Minneapolis, I woke up with a weird bug bite/zit/something on my right ankle, centered on the top of the leg. A day later the thing came to a little head, and I promptly squeezed it to release the pressure. Little bugger was hurting, bad. No big whup, right? Ingrown hair? Something weird like that?

Well, some five days later, the little fucker grew and grew and got meaner and angrier. Painful to the touch, swelling, infection, etc. A real hoot.

Went to the doc, fearing the absolute worst. He was cool and collected and told me it might be anything from an ingrown follicle to a bug bite to a staph infection. And he wasn’t phased in the least. “Gonna put you on a 14-day antibiotics schedule.”

So I’ve been taking a big horse pill, waiting for this sumbitch to relent. Weird. My meat foot, all painful and swelled up. Gross.

And why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Maybe some sort of collective consciousness thing that transcends my nerdy type interests, gig promotion or logo rescues. Who knows. I hope you like reading about festering wounds! Only at the DDC! All the warts and moles. Er, all the warts, moles and festing sores.

Sweet antibiotics, take hold of that bacterium swirling inside my foot, and don’t let go….

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PICTURES, MAN! We need photographic evidence!

Posted by: clint on 03/16/12 at 3:44 PM

I’m nursing a sprained ankle with air cast and all. Here’s to a quick recovery for our elevated apendages.

Posted by: Christopher Michon on 03/16/12 at 5:16 PM

get well soon man!

i got all worked up last summer when i had what i thought was a tumor (or breast cancer heaven forbid) on my chest… went to the doctors, he said it was a boil (gross but not cancer thank god) gave me 2 weeks antibiotics and it went away.

i hope you have a similar, speedy recovery!

Posted by: noah on 03/19/12 at 12:21 PM
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