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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 04, 2012
Bandwagon Breakdown
Posted at 11:18 PM

Cool lip print from Us & Them! I scored their “Garage A Trois” poster from them, and can’t wait to get it up in the shop somewhere. Awesome color and shapes.

Awesome White Rabbits poster from Methane Studios! Super nice dudes. I met one of them the night before the show, who was all hammered and rowdy and I said, “What’s yer name?” and he said, “My name is Robert Lee!” And hell, this being the South and all, I thought I was getting fucked with. Turns out, I wasn’t. Plus, General Lee threw some meat at me.

The spirited staff of Halftone. Def. The bro on the right is “Crowbar.” That S.O.B. is one seriously skilled southerner. On his list of skills: Lead Paint Certified, Pastor, Flagroller, Janitor, Expert in Cutlery, Beard Grooming Mastery and Fast Talking.

One cool handshake spotted in the Halftone Def superzone.

Four-eye wildness over in Morning Breath’s booth. Nice fellas from New York City. Great stuff. There was an awesome switchblade mini-print I really should have thrown some cash at it. Damn.

Best of show! Mindblowing woodcut canvas prints from Cannonball Press. Wow.

Mike Davis and his trusty Field Notes. Can’t tell you how happy this photo makes me. I’ve been wild for everything Mike Davis for many years. One of the best of the biz! Solid. Representing the always-impressive Burlesque of North America.

The lay of the land. Four floors of fun.

Making shit official with South Carolina’s Gil Schuler! Hell yes!

Awesome moose/guitar poster from the good people of Bandito Design! Hands down, the nicest people of the event. From Ohio, so it all makes sense. Serious skills. Don’t move to Portland!

Aesthetic Apparatus social media break.

Looking back at this shot, I can’t help but feel sorry for that patch of floor beneath us two man mountains. Gross. That’s Levi from Halftone Def. Just know: Anyone who fucks with Tron, well, they fuck with the entire DDC. Fact.

So much grip here. I mean, good god, look how I’m grabbing them? Weird. That’s Dan and Mike from the mighty Aesthetic Apparatus keeping things “all business.”

Goodnight, Savannah! (Photo used with written permission by the Charlie Trefry estate.)

Thank you to Charlie, Monique, Eun and all the Bandwagon folks for the opportunity to come down to peddle my wares! Met so many cool kids and poster people! Insanely organized event, too. Bravo. Super well done!

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So much love for that Thunderbird sign. We drove down there in October and it was the first of many things I fell in love with in Savannah.

Posted by: Jon Johnson on 03/05/12 at 2:48 PM

Jesus, Draplin!
I almost though Leigh should blow a gasket there for a moment you’re throwing so much lovey dovey around!
You bring some Kudzu home and we’ll have to quarantine your ass.

Enjoy the Southern Hospitality.

Posted by: Jim on 03/05/12 at 11:02 PM

Don’t forget the free pancakes. Good to hang with you at Bandwagon my friend.

Posted by: jason Craig on 03/07/12 at 7:41 AM
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