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March 03, 2012
Bandwagon Brew-Ha-Ha
Posted at 01:28 PM


THERE ARE CHIGGERS IN THAT MOSS, SON: Don’t mess with the moss down here! You know the shit hanging off the trees? Leave it alone. That’s what I’m hearing from the locals.

Holy shit, I’m having a hell of a time here. Georgia posters are flying out my corner. Boxes of records to dig through. Meeting all sorts of cool folks. Had a couple tacos for lunch. All and all, a fun time is being had by all.

Check out that Laughing Hyenas poster above! I walked up on that beast this afternoon and about died. So cool. From a time long ago.

- - - -

HARDBALL JOURNALISM, ETC.: We locked down a no-holds-barred interview with our buddy Charlie Trefry, in between poster sales.

Alright Charlie, here we go…so what have you been up to?

(He laughs.) My lawyer said I was not allowed to talk about it.

We’re off to a good start…

Actually, I’m on a bit of a self-imposed sabbatical, catching up projects I’m been forced to put off due to 9-to-5 Syndrome.

Okay, I like the sound of that. A syndrome. You gotta be careful with that shit. Okay, good, so projects are in the works…that’s awesome. Can you go into detail on said projects, or what?

First, I’m a helping a buddy rebrand his vodka. Second, I’m helping a doctor friend of mine build a small dwelling in the Coachella region of California. But most recently, I got to enjoy catching up with old friends from Bandwagon. You know, seeing all the new stuff.

Bandwagon is fun as hell. I don’t want it be done! Two days isn’t enough. Tell me about Bluffton. What the hell is going down in Bluffton? I just like the sound of that place.

Just to clarify, Are you referring to the Bluffton, SC?

I have no idea.

Well, that’s the only Bluffton I know, so I guess I’ll expand on that. All’s well in Bluffton. The Hilton Head Islands bedroom town labor force is getting a new highway extension. Been working on it for four years. There’s a rumor that the local BBQ joint might actually be open for five days a week instead of three.

Breaking news, eh?

It made the paper! Front page. Two days in a row.

No idea what you are talking about.

Good, we’re on the same page.

Okay, focus. Best movie you’ve you seen lately?

Bootleg or in a theater?

You, at the theater…popcorn and shit…

Good question. Goddamn. I know this much, I’m looking to that John Carter movie. Looks like a cross between Idiocracy and Jurassic Park.

Okay Siskel, chill out. Next question? Coolest poster you’ve seen today?

That Haltone Def Avett Brothers pickup truck poster. That was awesome.

Yes, I know it well. Almost went over and had a “booth brawl” to procure one of those.

Wait, there were those awesome monochrome circus banner prints by Cannonball Press. Those were incredible!

Yes, I awarded them the “DDC Best of Show” award! Insane. Like, who needs color when the woodcuts are that awesome, right? Alright, good. Where we going for dinner tonight? I’m fuckin’ hungry.

Blowing Smoke.

Now that has a good ring to it. Barbeque! You know, the room we’re in tonight at the Thunderbird only has one bed?

That’s okay, my car sleeps six.

We’ll end on that.

That’s it?

Hey, bucko…my blog, my interview. I have posters to sell!

Good luck getting a ride to the airport!

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