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Draplin Design Co., North America


RELENTLESSLY RELENTLESS: When Union Binding Co. Martino shows up, we work. And that’s that. Vectors. Bindings. Colors. Logos. Stuff.

And Italians, they know how to throw down. Gladiator style. Marty’s been here for a week or something, and we’ve been hammering out new bindings for some future season. Our annual cage match. And to make matters stickier, C3 Worldwide Johan came down from the hellhole known as “Seattle.” Yep, “Captain Skykomish” himself was in the house, kicking us around, laying down profane Kenny Powers lyrics here and there.

Mahalo, you fucking surfers! Goddamn nerds. Just kidding…

America vs. Italy! And fuckers, we won. Hands down.

Thank you Martino. Good time seeing you. My brother. Super sweaty. Turbo. We make good binding. We make party. What we bring to the table. Ghost ride da whip. Mahalo.

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