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February 09, 2012
Thank You, Arizona!
Posted at 10:46 AM


THANK YOU, ARIZONA: For the following: a fun night, hearing me out, nice weather, clean front yards, spirited citizens, well-stocked record stores, ample presentation space, rampaging our merch table, sealing the deal, Dudlik’s wild ways, Andy Cruz’ signage photos, Fesenmyer’s cosmic family, Latray’s overall badassness (Anyone fucks with Latray, they fuck with the entire DDC!), wide-eyed students, ice-water by the pitcher-full, no tarantula attacks, a warm welcome, good questions at the end of show, a visit from Dean’s mom and better half, a handshake from Tomko Enterprises, the Meat Puppets, a chance to get my hands on a moving company’s elusive archives, tacos, quesadillas and one meal from In-n-Out Burger. Not a bad couple days! Thank you!!!

There is One Comment

It was awesome. A favorite moment was during the Cobra Dogs part of the presentation, I heard a girl behind me lean over to her friend and say, “I don’t like hot dogs,” and her friend said, “I loooove them.”

Posted by: chris on 02/12/12 at 2:45 PM
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