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February 14, 2012
Valentine Day Leigh Fest
Posted at 11:46 AM


BE MINE, SWEET NUGGET: Had a nice Valentine’s Day with my better half Leigh. Got out of work early, after gorging on a plate of delicious treats she brought in for us. Then we had a nice supper just off 82nd Avenue at the Observatory. Even played a little pinball in the back of the place. I’m not the best with the mushy stuff, but truth be told, I am one lucky bastard to have this lady in my life. I’m lucky she’ll have me. I’m lucky she puts up with my shit. Lucky, and thankful. Thank you, sweetie, for so damn much. Really.

Cupid arrows shooting, you beasts!

No profanity today. For Leigh. And other decent people and institutions. Trying to clean up my act where I can. Sorta.

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