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February 08, 2012
Heading Down To The Southwest
Posted at 12:08 PM


CATCHING A RIDE DOWN TO PHOENIX THIS AFTERNOON: And of course, it’s a packed flight. I’m all the way in the back, and the Delta-schmelta check-in site shows an empty seat next to me. Damn. Fingers crossed for a little extra room to breathe back there. Wish me luck. Hast tag: #largemaninasmallseat

And up above, that’s a little review of our “Absolutely Arizona” poster we worked up for tomorrow night’s event. Printed up by our buddies at Seizure Palace. Hauling a stack of those fuckers down with me for the show. Just for you, Arizona! Hell yes. Four colors on the thickest stock ever. Seriously. You need one of these. For sale at the show, and whatevers left over, will be put up in our ever-expanding DDC merch section, real soon. Once the dust settles!

- - - -

MINNEAPOLIS, WE’RE BRINGING OUR ROADSHOW TO YOU: To the Walker Art Center! Of all places! Too excited to elaborate. This one’s official. Not only to we get to talk at one of the most inspiring places we’ve EVER BEEN TO IN THE WORLD, but we get to “kick it” around Minneapolis for a couple days. Win win. More details as this one emerges. The big leagues!!!

- - - -

5150 Snowboards’ Mark McGuane hits up the Denver Motorcycle Museum, and makes a kick-ass Flickr set out of it. Some boss graphics in there. Go! Thanks for sending in, man. Check out this one! Damn.

- - - -

THESE GUYS ARE GOING FOR IT: Leigh’s friend Andy has a movie project he’s working on with friends. Looks pretty interesting. Here’s their Kickstarter for it. Give it a chance, and hell, throw a little loot at it. You never know!

- - - -


01. Meat Puppets - Up On The Sun
02. Jimmy Eat World - Couple ripper songs off Bleed American
03. Calexico - Spoke
04. Calexico - Hot Rail

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