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SOMETIMES, YOU ONLY FIND ONE THING: And when you find it, you know you won’t be “leaving it behind.” The little ACME doo-dad up above is one of those moments for us. I was in Jacksonville, hammering hitting up a couple antique stores on a brightly-lit Florida morning. Everyone was in high spirits. Tron was going on about Sweet Tea. Life was good. I went through the whole fuckin’ store, and then came upon this little gauze package.

I was NOT going to be leaving that little “coil A” logo behind. Had to have it for the DDC archives.

No price on the thing, I had to have a “sales associate” back to get to the bottom of shit. Of course, I had already snapped a couple photos, but they didn’t need to know that. The concerned lady took the unpriced item up to the counter and painstakingly went through whatever half-ass records they had, taking her sweet-ass time, and lazily said, “We need to get $1.00 for that.”

“You got it, you old beast.” is what I wanted to say, but bit my lip and thanked her for her excellence.

You just gotta love antique store people, and antique stores. Pure America.

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