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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 19, 2011
Airanteed = Aaronteed™
Posted at 11:09 AM


THIS IS HOW TO RESCUE STUFF: Aaron Hilst is doing good work, and knows how to give something old and forgotten new life. He sent in the images above some time back, and told a little story to accompany them. Turns out he was visiting a machine shop and saw the “Airanteed” logo on a air compressor. Being an “Aaron” this got his mind working. The next image is his tribute to the old air compressor. And finally, the stamp he made for his normal day-to-day business dealings.

So, when you see this stamp on an invoice or whatever, it does a tow-fold job. It “Aarontees” everything Hilst touches, and, it rescues an old way of doing things, with each impression. We back this kind of activity and have been known to engage in the same sort of shenanigans. Good work, Hilst!

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Field Notes featured as “Stocking Stuffers: Great Gifts For $10 Or Less” in widely syndicated news article. Huzzah!
http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2011/11/10/stocking-stuffers-great-gifts-for-10-or-less/ ↠Dallas/Ft Worth, my neck-of-the-woods.

Posted by: nffcnnr on 12/20/11 at 9:32 AM

“Good from afar, but far from good.” That’s some sloppy autotracing work; if I was going make a stamp of something I’d at least take a few minutes to clean it up. Besides, it’s a little late to the game, your body of work has been GUAARONTEED for 15 years or more!

Posted by: Hoss #2 on 12/22/11 at 7:27 AM

This is great! I love seeing older designs come back from the grave.

Posted by: Tj Stewart on 12/22/11 at 11:26 AM
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