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December 06, 2011
That Beautiful Texas Sun
Posted at 11:09 AM

©2011 Jim Olvera

©2011 Jim Olvera

©2011 Jim Olvera

BEAUTIFUL THINGS GET SENT TO US ALL THE TIME: So, we consider ourselves pretty damn lucky. Today, we’ve got three beautiful shots sent in by Dallas photographer Jim Olvera. Soooo nice. Proud as hell to have them on the site.

All this rain and cold…and my hacking cough, wheezing breath, itching eyes and whatever else to do with my little bug, and man, I’m thinking about Texas sun right now. Beautiful stuff. Thank you for sending these gems in, and allowing us to post them. Appreciated, sir.

- - - -

ABOUT TIME: I know some cool kids in Portland. And I don’t mean “cool” in the “Portland Steeze Monsoon” kind of way…but, like, cool with common sense and that right amount of, “That’s a good thing, man…” to what they stick their necks into.

Drink Water, everyone. Dig on this.

So they are making a little brand to raise awareness about the scourge of sports energy drinks on the shred world, and on a bigger scale. I’m no pillar of health, but avoid those syrupy, horseshit sugar bombs.

I do love a cold Coke, so, you know, another contradictory aspect of the DDC to roll yer eyes at. So much sugar, chemicals and badness in those beasts, too.

We wholeheartedly support the spirit, common sense and guts of Drink Water. Plus, we helped them out with the logo a little bit, and couldn’t be prouder to contribute to a brave thing.

- - - -


01. Spiritualized - Let It Come Down
02. Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
03. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
04. Sonic Boom - Spectrum
05. Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows

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Those fly Texas sun signs!

Posted by: Chris on 12/09/11 at 11:10 AM
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