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December 04, 2011
Flying Back To The States
Posted at 11:11 PM


UP EARLY AND OUT TO HEATHROW: Flew back today. Getting from Notting Hill out to Heathrow was pretty mellow. One cab ride, a train ride and I was there, in line checking in to my big flight.

Spotted THE Fred Cole from Dead Moon, The Rats and Pierced Arrows in the duty free and got a handshake. That was awesome. The Pierced Arrows were on their way back to Portland after a destival in Lisbon, Portugal. I bullshitted with their drummer Kelly about just about everything Portland and Punk Rock for awhile. Awesome guy with an incredible knowledge about Portland’s wild punk history. He grew up here in all sorts of punk bands.

Flew back to Vancouver, and was home by 11 PM. Not bad. From London to Portland in like 15 hours or something. A contained, long day. Glad to be home. Damn.

What an incredible adventure. Feeling very thankful for all of it. Thank you, London and Manchester!

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