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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 21, 2011
One Week Out, United Kingdom!
Posted at 09:50 AM

Next Wednesday, London!

Next Thursday, Manchester!

COMING UP SO FAST: Our United Kingdom tour! Two stops! London and Manchester!

Our first “international Gigs” from our half-assed, long-winded, questionably-entertaining “Tall Tales From A Large Man” traveling roadshow that we’ve been so goddamned lucky to administer all over the states. And now, we hop the pond for the U.K.! That’s pretty cool. Our little story, for all who’ll listen, detailing “doing what the fuck it takes to make in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design.”

This isn’t our first rodeo, but we’ll be treating is as such! We’ve been brandbuilding all the the states for years. It’s about time we make ourselves known in London and Manchester. I can’t believe I am even typing these words. Just incredible.

Using multi-media, we’ll tell our story. We’ll provide proof, things to wonder about, things to freak you out and other wild tactic to drive our point home. Come one, come all. Tell a friend. This is our big chance to set the record straight. And we’re going for broke. If shit goes bad in the U.K., man, that just might be it for us. That’s how important these gig are! Make or break.

Holy shit! This last week/month/year/life has been a sweaty mess. Too many pages. Too many things leaving the shop with spirited destinations. Things like catalogs and icons and coffee bags. And next week, we’re one of them…the Draplin Design Co. is heading to the United Kingdom! Very fired up.

But of course, we’re not getting on that plane unless we’ve got the following things cinched up:

01. Coal Headwear’s new catalog.
02. Union Binding Co.’s new catalog.
03. One seriously thankful Thanksgiving Dinner.

So this week, we are fighting hard on all fronts. This battle raged all weekend, and picks back up right fucking now.

We’re coming for you, England!

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Loving that stars and stripes lightning bolt. Would love to see it as a sticker/patch/anything.

Posted by: Kramer on 11/21/11 at 5:21 PM
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