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November 07, 2011
Still Megafauning
Posted at 11:32 AM

(Photo by Leighola)

STILL BUZZED: It was awesome seeing Megafaun last month. Anymore, I don’t see a lot of live shows. I know, I know…no real excuse, but hell, it better be something awesome up on that stage. Real tired of the same old “pound out the songs/should’ve just stayed home and listened to the record” sort of thing. I sound stupid. Sorry.

It was just a really cool show. And at one point where they just all came up to the front of the stage and sang. No mics, no amps. Just the band singing. It was really, really cool.

I’ve had their new album on heavy rotation all summer long and into the fall. It’s a sweet album. In the sense that makes you go, “Wow, things can be that nice on the ears.”

Good job, fellas. And great to meet all of you. So proud of those vectors.

- - - -

AND, MAN, CHECK THE PROGRESSION OF BEARDINESS IN THE SHOT ABOVE: From “smooth-shaved,” to “sorta sculpted” to “so gross” to “wayyyyy beardy.” Quite a progression from left to right. This just hit me, looking at this shot. That was a cool moment. I got to meet the guys I made a logo for. From a rock band I really dig. So cool. I’m a lucky motherfucker.

- - - -


01. Megafaun - Megafaun
02. Megataun - Gather, Form & Fly

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