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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 23, 2011
Seven Beauties From Dan's Workshop
Posted at 10:59 AM


FROM INSIDE A LONDON WORKSHOP: I’ve been sitting on these beauties for some time. Keri Newman sent these over when we struck the deal for our upcoming London talk. They are from her husband Dan’s workshop. So good. Thank you for snagging them and sending them over! Now we’ve got them cemented on this site, and so the cycle continues.

Keri and Dan saw my show in Austin this spring, didn’t walk out, enjoyed themselves and a couple months later put the offer out to come to London! Hell yes! I instantly accepted and Keri got the plans going, working closely with my friends at Beep Industries to coordinate a Manchester gig too. Two stops! Confirmed! That was a bonafide “UK Tour!”

Our first time taking our traveling roadshow into the great infinity of international lands! This is very exciting. Sure, we’ve done our very best to kick the shit out of brave cities all over the states, but man, this is a whole new beast. I better be on point. Damn.

So, if you are reading these words, live in the U.K., then there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be front and center at our London or Manchester gigs! One night only, England! Bollocks!

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Awesome stuff. This and that story about the car makes me wonder if you’d like this: http://chromeography.com/

Posted by: Ingrid on 11/23/11 at 1:18 PM

Tried to make it man, but it’s not in the cards for work reasons. Give them hell! Hope all is well.

Posted by: Steve Mc on 11/25/11 at 3:44 AM
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