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November 24, 2011
Hammering On Those Pages / 84 Dots
Posted at 02:27 PM


ALRIGHT, HERE’S THE GAMEPLAN: It’s an all out race to the catalog finish line from here on out. Basically, until we get on that plane Sunday, we’re hammering on these Union pages. Simple enough. A slog. Still. And we do this every year, so it’s not like it’s some surprise. And every year, it gets the best of me, and completely bulldozes me over. I’m already worn out.

I’m excited for that U.K. trip. That’s for sure. Let’s get some classic British logos going, shall we? We shall. That old Reuters logo by Alan Fletcher instantly comes to mind. 84 dots. Read up on it here a bit.

And check out Mr. Fletcher’s incredible office here.
Clean, refined and beautiful. I made some notes on that one. Someday, someday…

Rest in peace, Mr. Fletcher. Respect.

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