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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 27, 2011
One Final Saturday On The Clock
Posted at 09:45 PM


THAT ONE IS “ALL TIME FAVORITE” STATUS: For sure. Man, we love the British Rail logo. Just incredible. “Brilliant” as those redcoats would say. Read all about the design behind this classic logo here.

- - - -

WRAPPING UP THE FINAL PAGES: It’s been a mad dash on this Union catalog. On the other side of Wilderness, Naka-more-dough is putting the finishing touches on the Coal catalog. Relieved to be reporting this.

We’re going wayyyy late tonight to ship all the DDC merch and wrap up any last-minute crap before we jump on the plane for London tomorrow.

- - - -

SOMETHING WE HAVE TO HAVE: “British Rail Design,” the book!

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