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SO HIGH ON WAX: The new Richmond Fontaine “The High Country” slab showed up today, and holy shit, I am blown away! It turned out incredible! With the reverse board uncoated side cover, and the reverse board uncoated inner sleeve, the thick-ass 180 gram pressing, the labels on the record…all of it! Man, I’m just happy as hell to have been able to make this for the band. Thanks, guys. Looks awesome. So buzzed today.

I mean, shit, getting them in mail felt like, well, the last day of school. Or like Christmas morning. Seriously. How many of those moments do you have in yer life where you have wondered and waited on it, feverishly fought to make the thing perfect, and then it shows up as a surprise, and, turns out EXACTLY how you wanted it to? I’ve got a short list, and holy shit, the two Richmond Fontaine records I’ve done are high on it.

You gotta savor this shit. I sure as hell do. Thanks, RF!

- - - -

A YEAR AGO, RIGHT ABOUT NOW: We put up a big wall at CoExhibitions/Burlesque with 400 of our favorite logos. That was so awesome. Here it is on the Permanent web site. So big. So orange. Thanks, Minneapolis!!!

- - - -

SPEAKING OF THAT ART SHOW, AND BURLESQUE, THESE ARE NOW SHIPPING: The “Aaron Draplin Miniprint Package!” In two colorways, for the firey autumn, and the frostbit winter. Each order comes with a fun DDC trinket. Fun. Thick inks on durable fibers. Our “Babe the Blue Ox” logo! That prairie! And other goodies. I love the Midwest, and these little mini prints are testament to that warm feeling. Act now!

- - - -

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, DOGBREATH: Here’s an awesome gary pumpkin, lighting up someone’s porch, in some fine town. I can’t remember who made it, but man, thanks so much and helluva job. I miss Gary so bad and seeing this made me think of the little man, and his long, long length. Man, he was long. Little Gary. Missed by many.

(I’m horrible! This is who it was! The link was buried in our inbox, real deep. Thank you Brian Behrens!!!)

- - - -

ALL DAY TODAY: Those Lips made a 24-hour song. Listen to it here. Holy shit. Wild.

I’ve had it on for like five hours, and it’s kinda freaking me out. Like, it’s making me nervous and shit. It’s been this “Ride of the Valkyries” thing for awhile, and I’m either going to climb under my desk or climb up on top of my big book shelf. Kinda weird.

- - - -


01. The Goddamned Flaming Lips - The 24-Hour Song, “7 Skies 3”

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Damn, is that record going to be available stateside or what?

Posted by: chris on 10/31/11 at 9:14 PM
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