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October 14, 2011
Mom And Dad Are Flying In Tonight
Posted at 11:55 AM


GREAT LINES, GREAT LINES: The logo above is from the Port of Clarkston, all the way in the southeasternmost corner of Washington State. An incredible logo. The kind of stuff we’ve dug up for our Eveything Washington poster we’ll be unleashing at our Seattle speaking gig next week. Basically, everything…

01. We’ve ever loved about Washington State
02. Folks we look up to
03. Cool logos from Washington

You know the deal. One part tribute, another part logo bunker. Before these things die off, we like to think we’re cementing them into posters that fellow designer and Washingtonians are large can enjoy for the ages. Our little contribution to rescuing this stuff. Delusional? Maybe. We don’t care.

Full “Everything Washington” poster on the DDC soon!

You scrubs better be coming to this: Designspeaks Seattle with Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales From A Large Man. Reserve a seat now! Gonna be fun as hell. You need to be there, Seattle. Fact.

- - - -

RIGHT NOW, 30,000 FEET UP IN THE DRAPLINOSPHERE: Mom and Dad are on a plane, counting down the minutes to arrival out here in Portland. They are coming out to see Grandson Oliver, and the rest of us. Mainly, that little rugrat. Grandparent stuff, you know?

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