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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 28, 2011
Tonight, Philly!
Posted at 09:11 AM


TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT, PHILLY!: That’s right Philadelphia, we’re in town for a speaking gig at the First Unitarian Church tonight. As part of our spirited, go-for-broke, no-business-being-on-that-stage-in-the-first-place “Tall Tales From A Large Man” roadshow. Our very first East Coast show! We’ve been wondering when the hell Boston or New York or Philly would call, and then Steve DeCusatis contacts us back in the spring and holds a cheesesteak to our throats with an enticing offer: “Come here and let’s do a show!” Our representatives quickly inked a deal.

Fast forward a whole summer—our busiest on record—and tonight’s the night. And we’ve brought the whole mess with us.

Champion Philadelphians Steve and Adrian DeCusatis put the whole thing on. The biggest of thanks to them. Hell, you should have seen the care package they had readied for us in our room at the Sheraton. Pretzels, spiced wafers, birch beer, Hershey’s brand chocolate and a mindblowing assortment of vintage ephemera to seal the whole deal. I may never leave this fuckin’ room. Just perfect. Thank you!

Leigh is the Tour Manager. She’s handling the DDC merch table and all logistics. That girl runs a tight ship! She put together our tourist itinerary “Independence Death March” for the morning. 46 landmarks in three hours. Something like that. Always fired up to see that Liberty Bell! And the Mint? Fingers crossed for some Philly landmarks.

DDC vs. Philly: Tall Tales From A Large Man
September 28, 2011, 6:00 PM
First Unitarian Church, Downtown Philadelphia
2125 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

All the way from Portland, Ore.!

- - - -


PRINTED MATERIALS, JUST FOR YOU: We made a poster for the event, with “everything we’ve ever loved about Philly” on it! Printed by our good friends Burlesque North America in Minneapolis, these 4-color beasts will light up even the darkest flophouse walls, lean-tos, apartments, cells, high society condos and/or cabin walls. Short story is this: You need one of these, Philly. We made them just for you. All the stuff we love on the thickest paper you’ve ever seen. Wow. See above for proof.

- - - -


THICK INK ON DURABLE FIBERS: I’m no expert or anything, but we felt a couple chilly winds cruising around downtown earlier tonight. hilly, fall is right the fuck around the corner and we made a special “Philly-only™” torso cover for the event! That perfect extra layer for the cool October days. Modern fit. Three colors on “Ben Franklin Gray Hair” silver and “Independence Blue Sky Day” blue. See below for proof! Printed by Awesome Dudes Printing right here in Philly. Just like the name says. You need one of these. Going fast tonight!

- - - -

OUR FINAL PITCH: You need to come to this. A fun night. Going for broke. Orange things. Big and small ideas. Tall tales. Independence. Survival. Doing whatever the hell it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of graphic design. Proof. Stocked DDC merch table. Pretzels. Cold water. Loose talk. Chatter. Cool Philly night air. Multimedia. Things you need. Things to look at. People to wonder about. All this, and much more, tonight! One night only. All for you, City of Brotherly Love!

See you there, Philly!

There Are 4 Comments

Will you be selling the Philadelphia Freedom poster online? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to buy a copy.

Posted by: Mary Jones on 09/28/11 at 8:21 PM

I was so sorry to miss your talk last night. Chuck White would NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT. Will the vs. Philadelphia posters be available through your store?

Posted by: Joe Rinaldi on 09/29/11 at 8:43 AM

can you purchase the poster after the event?

Posted by: rick on 10/03/11 at 3:39 PM

Like everyone else I would like to purchase the Philadelphia poster. Where can I do that?

Posted by: Noah on 10/07/11 at 12:32 PM
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