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THANK YOU, PHILADELPHIA: Last night’s gig‚€”albeit sweaty with all that Philahumidity‚€”went off great! Thank you so much to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who came out for the show, bought a poster, bought a t-shirt, brought a gift (enjoying that Tastykake Pumpkin pie as these words go to print) or came up and told us something awesome. So appreciated. Mindblowing, really. Still very high on the whole night. Buzzed!

Special goddamn thanks to Leigh, Steve DeCusatis, Adrian DeCusatis, the First Unitarian Church Staff, Chuck & Tara White, Shannon Rose (Alaska!), R. Todd Westcott, John Abella, Nik Greenblatt, Awesome Dudes Printing, Mikey Burton, Heads of State and 150of the finest, smartest, raddest champion Philadelphians (a couple New York and Chicago kings!) for putting this thing on, making the drive and showing up. I won’t forget looking out at all of you, ever. So awesome.

AND TO ALL THE FOLKS WRITING IN: Of course we’ll be selling posters of our site! We’ve got a stash ratholed away and we’ll be posting a link in the DDC merch section real soon. Philly Torso covers too!

- - - -

OUR FOCUS SHIFTS TO THE F-WORD: That’s right….FLORIDA! We’re coming for you, Jacksonville! Up above, you’ll see a little torso cover we whipped up for the event, that we’ll be dragging along some Philly side street trying to catch a cab out to the airport. This is how we roll. We loose and real dumb. If we make it to Jacksonville, it’ll be a triumph! Anyhoo, we’re coming for you! See you tonight!

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This shirt is nuts! Once I get my hands on one I’ll never take it off! Thanks for coming down to Jax, we’re all stoked beyond belief. Really.

Posted by: PCARTER on 09/29/11 at 7:21 PM
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