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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 15, 2011
From Those Minnesota Northwoods
Posted at 06:07 PM


THE FULL IMAGE ABOVE IS FROM MINNESOTA: But if you read the sign, you’d have noticed that part. It was sent in by ol’ Greg Hennes, who, we’re betting, is back there working on his cabin, way the hell up north. I’d love to see that cabin someday, and you know, really get some mosquito bites going. Enough to make you crazy. That kind of fun. Minnesota!

It’s September. Buy an antler for yer cabin, lean-to or cell. C’mon! Act now, here: Antler & Co.

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SPEAKING OF MINNESOTA: You need one of these! A third printing by our friends at Burlesque back in Minneapolis. Ben and Jodi SLAYED it on this one, and holy shit, we signed ‘em all up when we were there talking to Target. Very, very orange. Just wait until you see that fluorescent orange pop off them! I tried to pull a quick one on Ben, but of course, he saw it coming a mile away and made that orange glowing ink GLOOOOOW in the poster. Wow. Get it going here!

There is One Comment

Hey Aaron,

Speaking of Minnesota… did you ever come across a t-shirt from a 70s-80s MN tourism campaign called “Hello Minnesota”?

Probably before your time, but I think you would’ve liked them:


I remember these being sold at the airport when I was a kid - your poster brought it to mind.

Anyway, hope everything is good with you.

Posted by: Justin Braem on 09/19/11 at 11:10 AM
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