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THEY GOT IT RIGHT: In the ever-expanding, gigantically creepy world of over-snarkified designers thinking they can point their wispy, little mousefingers at corporate redesigns and lament, of which I count myself a card-caryying member, well, here’s a case where they actually got it right. See above. Eveready redesigns and updates Florida’s very own Jonathan Lawrence tipped us off to this one, and we thank him for it. Good eye, brother!

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I HAD TO WAIT FOR HER TO SAY IT FIRST: Women. You can’t live with ‘em, and you can’t live without ‘em. And you can’t talk about Scrabble victories. Basics, right? Mysteries. All of them.


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MINNEAPOLIS, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU: I’ll be speaking this Thursday at Target internal offices in downtown Minneapolis!

Buddies Jon Baugh and Jason Miller have been lobbying for a little visit from the DDC, hell finally went and froze over, and we got the green light. This is for the internal creative team, so, it’s not really for public consumption. I’ll gonna be speaking directly to the people who make all the nice packaging you look at when you go to Target. This is going to be fun. I love going to Target. You should too. We all need toilet paper and all that. Be glad a nice, clean place exists like this.

My stupid, little story, to a bunch of well-dressed, smart, articulate, metropolitan Target creatives. Could tank my friend’s careers? We’ll have to wait and see. I’m bringing my all. Looking forward to a couple nights of Minneapolis. Due to our “All August Long” policy of being “Completely Fucking Busy” we’ll be holed up in a hotel room hammering on projects. You’ve got our word on that one.

Might go AWOL at some point and see if Ryno will come grab me for a cold one or something. That dick. Might go see my buddies at Burlesque, too. Wait, no, this is happening.

Okay, Minneapolis: Tall Tales From A Large Man Who Likes Shopping At Target. One afternoon only. If you work inside the Target office and are reading this, come see the show. It’s gonna be fun. Red and khaki, people, red and khaki!

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EXTRA BALL, EXTRA BALL: Our buddy Masato comes in with blazing balls of fire with this link: A Visit To The Pinball Hall of Fame. Get in there, you drool-lipped paddlejammers.

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Aaron — those Target lugs are lucky to have ya. Kick-ass brother. We’re looking forward to havin’ back in the swamps of Florida at the end of September!

I used to agree with your “I love going to Target. You should too. We all need toilet paper and all that. Be glad a nice, clean place exists like this.” sentiments.

But I hate going to Target anymore. Why? Target is REALLY anti-union. See for example:




Their designs are definitely strong and we need more of that. But never, in my mind, at the expense of workers’ dignity or their right to form and join unions. You should wear a red-white-and-blue XL “UNION YES” shirt for your talk!

In solidarity,

Posted by: Mark in Gainesville, FL on 08/29/11 at 9:09 PM

Just have to say‚€¶ I used to collect dead EVEREADY batteries when I was a kid, just for the cat graphic.

Posted by: Amy Charron on 09/05/11 at 8:19 AM
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