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Draplin Design Co., North America

This is what was staring us down, outside the shop!

ALL THE WAY FROM TEXAS: One Fast Buffalo descends upon Portland! Ben Jenkins is touring America! He’s got the whole family with him, too. A gang. Working, playing, seeing, camping…living! All from their Airstream mobile command unit. Just incredible. It’s summer, and they are making good use of it. And I’m just gonna tell you: I’m jealous as hell. Leigh is too. Makes me want to uproot the air conditioned meatlockerism of the shop, pack up the Volvo and hit the motherfuckin’ road. And maybe never come back. Just go walk the earth, from WiFi spot to Wifi spot, sending off vectors here and there. Damn.

I met Ben at my Dallas “Tall Tales From A Large Man” road show talk a couple years back. That room was a bit of a tough crowd, but after the gig Ben came up and we got to the bottom of some shit. Helluva guy. You could just tell. His One Fast Buffalo design business is thriving, and, he recently launched the Warstic Bat Co. Bats, people. Good wood! In this big, wild, colorful world…there just isn’t much cool than an American baseball bat. Hard to beat. Ben’s a ballplayer so he knows a good bat and inspects each one. They are for sale here, so get with it.

Not a ballplayer? No problem. We plan on using our Warstic for follows DDC factory floor concerns: “Shop Security” and “Client Coaxing.” Yes. Feels good in the hands. These bats do not disappoint.

It was incredible meeting Ben’s family and seeing the firsthand spoils of the paradigm shift that a few us have been tapping into: You can do this stuff from wherever you want.

Think about that for a second. Here’s a guy operating out of his Airstream, all over America. I’m no stranger to the open road, with some wild fall tours under the belt from the last bunch of years. I’m not afraid of working out of the driver’s side seat, and have sent many a document from a Motel 6 parking lot. (Free WiFi, man!)

Thanks for coming by, Ben. You pretty much are the best thing we’ve seen all summer. Come back and keep the rubber on the road! Freeeeeeedom!

Smooth sailing to the Jenkins clan!!!

The Jenkins Clan, minus one little one crashed out in the rig.

Little road warrior!

The presentation of our very own Warstic baseball bat. Holy shit!

Cool stuff to look at on every panel.

Pondering business strategies with our new “Peacemaker.”

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01. Archers of Loaf - Vee Vee
02. Bellwether - Home Late
03. Tenement - Napalm Dream
04. Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts
05. Idaho - You Were A Dick
06. Red Fang - Murder The Mountains
07. Baroness - Red Record
08. Guy Clark - His Best

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