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FLEW INTO MINNEAPOLIS TODAY: Luckily, Burlesque’s very own Mike Davis was driving on the 494 and pulled over to pick me up. I was out there trying to thumb a ride downtown, and damned if all that Mall of America traffic could just care less.

We headed over to Burlesque and Jodi got me al set up to sign up a new Minnesota poster set. Our third printing of the thing. This time around, a “Welcome Hunters” sort of on French Poptone “Orange Fizz” with the brightest fluorescent orange ink you’ve ever seen on paper. Wow. I’ll post the link as soon as it goes up. The thing turned out incredible and I’d like to thank Ben, Jodi, Wes and Mike for making it happen. So proud of this one.

Then I hopped a cab downtown to the 602 Graves hotel. Nice digs. I got myself up into my room and charged up the DDC mobile command unit and got to work. No time for shenanigans. I had to buff out my Target talk PDF and of course, wrap up a couple loose ends on open projects. Had room service and everything. The high life. You should’ve seen me in the robe! So gross.

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