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TONS OF FUN IN THE WOODS: Here’s an open letter from us, to you:

Dear Fuckers,

Having lots of fun up here at Mt. Hood The camp is real nice. We’re right by the river. It’s kinda loud but that’s cool cuz it drowns out all of Dale’s Olive Hill, Kentucky stories. Davin’s doing good and having a fine time. It’s his first time in the Northwest, so it’s cool to see him all wild-eyed and what not. We’re being fed well and there’s more than enough beer. Everyone is having a good time and no one fell in the fire. Yet.

From the woods,

Camp Dale Inhabitants

There is One Comment

Dude you guys need to pay attention to those Olive Hill stories. Its where it all started. Life, Meth and God Damn Tom T Hall.

Posted by: Tim on 09/16/11 at 7:13 AM
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