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HEADING UP THE TO THAT BIG MOUNTAIN: Camp Dale starts tonight. Dale’s getting married to Betty and this is a bit of ManCampā„¢/Bachelor Party sort of thing. Heading up to the woods. I’m driving up in a couple hours, to a remote, undisclosed location to pitch my tent, set up a table and get down to work on projects. DDC Mobile Command Unit in full effect. Among the sasquatch.

Bunch of dudes are heading up. Some real metal motherfuckers. Dale’s people. I pledge to “outcamp” each and every one of these twinkle toes. Seriously. I have an air mattress and everything. Yep.

“Camp Dale 2011” starts now, fuckers. See you apes up there.

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Hells yes! good to see you boys getting out in that fresh air! we are back in the 105 degree Texas heat. Missing that beautiful Oreganland! have fun in it.

Posted by: Ben Jenkins on 08/23/11 at 8:24 PM
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