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CHALK IT UP TO LAST NIGHT: Due to last night’s Seattle hellride up and down to see Brad and Bailee, quite frankly, we’re all fucked up. We left Seattle at 1 AM and had to pull over an hour later to rest the eyes. The Volvo is nice and all, but maybe not for shut-eye. Got back out on the road after an hour of tossing and turning. Made it to Chehalis and had to pull over again. Was seeing triple and Leigh-Leigh still had “her buzz on.” Damn.

I’m a lightweight these days. The night shift was something I used to revel in. You could make good time. No other turkeys out there fucking up the road. But age has gotten the best of me. Or something.

So today we’re all messed up. We were gonna camp, but that’s been postponed. So I’m in the shop getting a jump on all the stuff I’ll ripping the shit out of come Monday. Might as well. August is that kind of month.

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01. Jesus Lizard - Club
02. Mercury Rev - See You On Other Side
03. Richmond Fontaine - The High Country
04. Megafaun - Megafaun

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The graphic for this post is incredible. What’s it from/for?

Posted by: Pieratt on 08/13/11 at 9:52 PM
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