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UP WE WENT: Yes, yes, yes. Father Time spares no one. Not even Seattle’s Brad Scheuffele. That little ramrod turns 40 this weekend and we had to go up to hug him a couple times in his home town. So we did. A fast mission. Leigh and I blasted out of Portland around 4 in the PM, with minimal traffic on the way up. Even Tacoma wasn’t that bad, and Tacoma’s always a motherfucker on the 5.

We got into the city, cruised around Capital Hill some and found the party at the Sole Repair Shop. Bailee put together a hell of a party. A couple DJs looking all serious into laptops, drinks, cool space and all of Brad’s friends. Good stuff.

This might sound a little weird, but it’s how I say it: I’ve been with Brad since 2002. What that means is, I’ve been working with the guy all that time. He started up Coal that year and I climbed aboard in the first couple hours of the thing. That’s like nine years! Like a brother.

Happy Birthday to my good buddy Brad. Thank you for all the work and trust with yer brand, and for some fun nights in hotel rooms. Remember that one time you threatened to make me sleep in the tub? Cuz of my microscopic snoring situation? I remember, you little dreamer. That’s a good memory.

Another one is seeing you last night with all yer close buddies, all buzzed up and smiling. I’ve got that one on lock. 40 ain’t shit. Here’s to the next 40, buddy!

- - - -

LARGE MEN OF SIZE, WE SALUTE YOU: Highlight of the night, aside from seeing my buddy happy as shit surrounded by all of his beautiful friends, was walking across the street to Neumo’s to look in on one behemoth Tad Doyle setting up for some Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. They were opening for The Sword. I never got to see Tad back in the day. And that sucks cuz I started on them in 1990. I still jam those records with ferocity. Someday, I’ll get a handshake from that Tad.

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Yea Brad!

Boooo Sounders!

Posted by: chuck on 08/18/11 at 12:42 PM

yoyo loser - tell me next time you are in Seattle. I got a few spots to show you

Posted by: Scott on 08/18/11 at 9:56 PM

yoyo lou-ser - tell me next time you are in Seattle. I got a few spots to show you

Posted by: Scott on 08/18/11 at 9:57 PM
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