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A BAND FROM OKLAHOMA CITY: Those goddamned Flaming Lips. Always up to something. Traveling the world. Making gummy fetuses. Pressing records. Completing monster major label contracts. Making friends. Tweeting naked photos of wives. You know the deal. We love ‘em.

Hell, today, we went on a Zaireeka kick for a couple plays. Then into a The Soft Bulletin kick for a couple more spins. Then all the companion shit. Damn.

And it being summer and all, and the long days getting the best of me, I went and purchased the poster you are seeing above for a fuckin’ exorbitant price, cuz, goddammit if I’m gonna let these ones slip through the fingers like I let the old ones slip. Nope. Wild Wayne posters, on our walls.

And, we got a couple tickets for their show here in September. Popped for the big tickets. Leigh and I will be but a handful of rows back from the stage, in the A section in that big, cavernous Keller Auditorium! Right the fuck up front. Dead center. Got up early when the tickets went on sale, and didn’t tell a soul. Didn’t want any turds boxin’ me out. We’re going, lady. Be ready.

Turn it up, motherfuckers!

- - - -

THANKS, EVERYBODY: We’re talking to you, Philly! At last count, we’re a little over 2/3 on our way to funding our September 28th “Tall Tales From A Large Man” gig/lecture/chat/throwdown. That’s pretty awesome, and, fast as hell! 2/3 in four days? With 26 to go, things are looking up. And that’s good, cuz if we hit our projected numbers, we’ll cover the plane tickets and a couple nights in that flophouse just off Chestnut Street downtown. Maybe even a couple of those pretzels you can get off guys on the street corners. Yeah, a couple of those. Mmmm. Anyhoo, I’m really fired up to come to Philly, and proud to have everyone getting behind it. Thanks.

And holy jabroni, thank you to Steve DeCusatis for setting this whole deal up. Brotherly Love, alright!

Gonna be a hell of a night, Philly! Count on it.

- - - -


01. Flaming Lips - Zaireeka
02. Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
03. Flaming Lips - All the Companion Shit from The Soft Bulletin

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